Infusé Amenities

Infusé Body Wash - 1 oz. Tall Tube

Infusé Amenities

The earth conscious Infuse collection features salon-quality formulations and a subtle White Tea & Coconut fragrance. The vegan friendly line is enriched with organic olive oil, aloe vera extract and pure coconut water. A selection of luxurious coconut & Papaya bar soaps elegantly complement the line. Infusé 's modern and sleek design with silver foil stamp logo brings a level of sophistication to the upscale guest room.

807-INBOD Infusé Body Wash - 1 oz. Tall Tube

807-INCON Infusé Conditioner - 1 oz. Tall Tube

807-INSH Infusé Shampoo - 1 oz. Tall Tube